OHS Policy Solutions

Organisations should understand it is their obligation to teach workers their OHS policies and procedures in the office.
Reports by injury lawyers stated that many Australian staff were absolutely unaware of the health and safety procedures applied by their employer.
Nearly half of the workers questioned claimed they had never looked at any OHS policy documents whilst they worked within a business that has a labour force of several or more people.
Just a small percentage of employees were aware of their company’s fire safety procedure or even knew their particular health and safety supervisor. Some workers did not even know where the first aid kit was to be found.
It is important that each business make sure that their own personnel are up-to-date with all the latest workplace health and safety legislation since this will certainly lessen the injury risk to staff members as well as possible claims against them.
Irrespective of all these mitigating aspects, companies need to continue to be concerned with the chance of injury throughout the work environment and do something to treat any kind of challenges or issues.
Always keep accurate documentaion of work related accidents or incidents, this can help organisations to identify workplace practices and change their OHS policies and procedures to keep staff safe.
Quite a few businesses are worried that complying with workplace health and safety legalisation will surely cost them revenue, nonetheless, it is more probable that it’s going to help save them money in the long-term as a result of lowered cases of staff injury.
Having the correct OHS Policies and procedures will help businesses make sure they are following correct legislation in order to keep their staff and businesses safe.