OHS Policy System

 OHS System

Having an OHS System gives you and your staff a framework for communicating and acting in a safe, responsible manner. The only place to start your communication is in writing. This serves two purposes, firstly, the business isn’t dependant on any one person to ‘part’ with their knowledge in order for other staff members to understand how to work safely. Secondly, if there is ever any question, or inspection that requires you to produce your Company OHS procedures, then there is a very clear and concise written record of what they are and how those principles have been communicated to your staff. Currently the government has placed the responsibility of the safety of your workers entirely on the employers’ shoulders. Having an effective OHS System balances that responsibility between you and your staff. After all, it has to start with the individual, and that means having all of your staff sign off an undertaking that they will follow your policies and work safely.

Wades Business Solutions Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) System consists of three components:

Company Policy Templates

The Wades Policy Templates is a user friendly system of Word Documents that can be implemented into your business simply by typing in your Company name and printing them out for your staff to sign. These are policies that have been designed specifically for Australian Legislation and some of the policies included are:

 Occupational Health & Safety Objectives 
 Disciplinary action and dismissal policy 
 Dismissal information for the employer
 Drug and alcohol policy 
 Employee privacy policy
 Equal employment opportunity policy
 Fire and emergency evacuation policy 
 Establishing fire and evacuation procedures
 First aid policy
 Hazardous substances policy
 Incident reporting policy
 Management of legislative change
 Manual handling
 Procedure for a workplace incurred injury
 Rehabilitation policy
 Smoking policy 
 Social functions policy
 Stress and fatigue policy
 Sun protection policy 
 Workplace harassment and conflict management
 Employee agreement

 HSE Diary


The Wades OHS Diary provides one central location for all of your OHS monitoring requirements. From simple vehicle maintenance log forms for recording the running repairs on vehicles, to a minutes layout for a OHS meeting. If any staff are administered first aid, then the OHS Diary provides an accurate record of what occurred, should any problems arise down the track.

Tagging of electrical devices is also covered in the OHS Diary, along with a Fire Extinguisher maintenance record. Without having a reliable system to ensure that your plant and equipment are serviced regularly, then you may be found to be negligent, should an accident or emergency occur. All of the systems that we offer are designed to be implemented into your current business operations, so that you can get on with what you do best, while meeting your obligations as an employer.


The OHS Diary comes in a downloadable format